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James Marshall, who is both an actor and composer, recovered from a near-fatal reaction to the toxic drug, using healing frequencies. James has produced a CD of sound frequencies that seems to influence and reverse symptoms that have a pathogenic nature. It is helpful for relieving cold, bronchial, lung and sore throat symptoms. Listening to the song once every hour works well, or once every 2-3 hours. When the song starts to be too much for you, then it is a good time to stop listening. The 8 minute version is more potent for adults, whereas the 18 minute version is better for kids. **For Research Purposes Only** Please Note: Once you open the link, please make sure to download and save the song to your device. This music may not work for everyone, but we would like to hear your stories! Email us at  and let us know how Le Ciel works for you!

“In my case, standard medical practice had nothing to offer. I believe that frequency based biomarkers that can be translated into music and holds the potential to change the face of medicine. This is ‘Star Trek’ medicine brought to life NOW by a very dedicated woman with very unusual talents that can benefit the world of medicine and self healing.

This is ground breaking and innovative, it is so ‘out-there’ for people to wrap their head around it, but I’m living proof that it works. It has helped thousands of people who have been left with no conventional options.

Sharry Edwards has brought this to the world so that the public can be allowed to use it.  "I’m happy to be a part of bringing this healing music to the planet.

There is a medical revelation afoot and I’m proud that I’m able to be a part of it.”

James Marshall

Le Ciel

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