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What was once an old what I called Sanford and Son's garage is now this !

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

I If your needing a space for unexpected guest or want to invite a guest to stay and do not have the room and maybe a little tired of people couch surfing then maybe this is the solution for you.

We took our old garage full of junk I'm talking floor to celling and we unload all that dead weight of sheer clutter just things, stuff we don't and probably will never use and the more I started to clear the better I felt.

I started reading online about clearing and what it did for us emotionally I was so inspired by what I read the more I read the easier it got to unload all the old baggage...Freedom from deep with in.

Clutter represents where your emotions are

Clutter often reflects life's unfinished business. When you clear away the clutter you're allowing yourself to grow.

When you dig through mess, you’re likely to excavate a lot of deep emotional residue that’s buried in your clutter. Everything from bad memories to broken dreams can get uncovered in a deep clean, and each one you confront creates more room for the truly newer, more creative you because you're no longer steeped in the problems of the past,

When you're equipped with the fresh perspective that’s opened up with a clear space

Once you create lots of order and harmony in your home, you’ll be more present. Feng Shui a Traditional Chinese Medicine talk about circulation of life force energy as the key to vibrant health and abundance. There is something to this purging of the old and welcoming the new.

Your not alone

Many of us seem to have this problem yet we just except that we have a junk pile room that's a complete waste of space. So if your looking for a deep reason or just want to have a a great place for family and friends then I hope this inspires you to have that space turned into a awesome room for your awesome peeps !

This is not completely done and when we do finish I will post the final pics right now we are under construction and priorities are being dealt with... So stay tuned in for the final pics

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