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My name is Renee, however I was born Jerri Renee but my little cousin couldn't pronounce so I became NayNay or simply Nay most do know me as Renee. As for the last names well, we're not going there LOL! 


I have two beautiful boys Dusty Griffin and Jimmy Greenblatt, not to mention all the boys that I have adopted along the way who have also been a large part of this household. As all you Moms out there know, when you have boys, their friends come along too.


I have been married to my husband Jimmy for 27 years now - who would have thought!  I was an actress in the 90's that's how that all that began. One of the reasons I stopped acting, well let's just say that "Me Too" thing did exist with no voice at the time, so I said No...Not for me! 


Design is by far my most creative zone and I love it! I have been creating spaces for myself, my family and my friends FOREVER! The Aristocrat Decor is all about blending old and new turning a room into something that feels fresh and timeless yet, as my dearest friend Pamela would say it feels like putting on a familiar old slipper but with a fresh twist.


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